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Changing the world, one mama at a time.

Mississippi Infant maternal mortality rates are higher than most states. I have written an article about this at “Mississippi Birth

You are in Charge! Taking Responsibility for Your Prenatal Care. in a new tab)

Offering Holistic Childbirth Services from conception to birth, and beyond. Monitrice, Childbirth classes and Community Outreach. I believe every pregnancy is precious, and every Mama deserves the chance to grow in Love and Faith throughout her Childbearing Year.

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Protecting your space and your wishes at birth. In-home labor support for early labor, and plenty of monthly education to ensure you are ready to welcome your little one with confidence and in peace.

I will be teaching Helping Babies Breathe to small groups(6 is a good number!). I am so excited to provide this service! Please contact me on the form for more information.

I use pure Young Living Essential Oils and Products to ensure only the best for you and your family. Ask me how I incorporate pure essential oils in my life!

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